Services Our Tracking Devices and Software offers

Manage your Fleet, be it Car’s, Van’s, Truck’s, Tractor’s or Plant Machinery, we have a solution that will work for you. It’ll improve your fleet efficiency and drive down operating costs.

Driver Behaviour

Real-time data and alerts, Driver behaviour profiling and proven fuel savings. Prevents unauthorised use of the vehicle.

Our trackers record data for 90 days

Asset Tracking

We have a number of independent trackers with battery life ranging from 60 days to 3 years, these are small units that can be hidden on or in any asset to give you peace of mind, they can be hard wired into any power source for recharging also.

Ideal for monitoring remote assets and securing peace of mind for the owner.

Person Tracking (Children, Elderly, Staff)

We have a number of personnel tracking devices that give peace of mind to Family or Employers, especially for workers working alone, each tracker has an SOS feature and when pressed will send an immediate text or call a specific number and will send the exact location of the person.

This is ideal for elderly or people working alone.

Service Details

Our system has the options of recording service details and programming when the next service is due, you can receive alerts via text, email or pc pop up

General Functions

All our trackers have digital and analogue inputs. These can get you the following details

  • Door Open or Closed
  • Ignition on or off and times they were turned on or off
  • Fuel Level in tank
  • Driver sitting on seat
  • Power cut alarm
  • GPS antenna cut alarm
  • Pto running or not
  • Enter or Exit an area
  • Parked times
  • Vehicle Temperature
  • Tow alarm (if vehicle is being towed)
  • Over speed alerts
  • Vibration alerts
  • CanBus Data
  • Disable Vehicle
  • SOS function


They can be set to call or text you if any of the above happens