Easy Track’s live GPS vehicle tracking system guarantees better asset management, be it personnel or vehicle. Our secure mapping system can be accessed from any internet enabled PC, Phone or Tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging into the secure customer zone area on our website. The installation process is carried out in a prompt and discreet manner and we ensure the tracking device is fitted covertly in your vehicle. We will then activate the tracker and provide you with your log in details

GPS Vehicle Tracking Features

Real Time Information

Our system shows you the real time location of your vehicle, It displays speed, mileage, engine on/off, starts or stops of the engine, travel history and fuel level in the vehicle.

Event Alerts

Easy Track allows clients to receive immediate alerts via SMS, email or PC window pop-up should events occur such as speeding, or arriving at a particular destination, leaving a certain area. Event alerts are a great tool for monitoring unwanted behaviour as alerts are sent the moment an event takes place.

Unlimited Reporting

Get different types of reports displaying total working hours or odometer data. Reports are issued displaying all information relevant to the management of vehicles. Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV or text for perusal or print.

Points of Interest

Create your own points of interest. A great application for recording difficult to find locations and regularly visited destinations. The frequency of destination visits is noted and recorded. And you can see how often you entered or left a certain location over a certain period of time.

Receive GEO Alerts

Have GEO notifications sent immediately when a vehicle leaves or enters a designated area. Easy Track’s geo-fencing function outlines as many specific areas as you want and can be set to alert you as soon vehicles depart this. Cutting down long weekend trips or excessive private use by drivers will increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary wear and tear damage on vehicle.

View Historical Data

All journey data is recorded, stored and made available for viewing when required. Timesheets are verified and discrepancies between drivers and fleet managers are resolved .By checking speed records and journey times, routes can be reviewed for efficiency purposes. All stops made are indicated on the route map and any idling time which may have occurred is shown. Our sever stores data for 90 days for each customer.

Group Vehicles

Organise vehicles into specific groups and select drivers for each vehicle. This is an excellent tool for managing vehicles across different sectors of the business or vehicles operating in different areas or carrying out different jobs.